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Listen to Undercover Investigator 'Jack' discuss his role in the Bravo Packing Investigation on Howling Ridge Radio.
Ellen Parker explains why on Howling Ridge Radio we will never see a Triple Crown Champion.

Name Your Wild Horse or Burro Herd! All info will be sent to Ginger Kathrens.



Read 'Ginger the Gentle Giant' by Chesley Ross!

Manes and Tails Willie

Willie Gets His Ribbon!! Not bad for a 19 Year Old Quarterhorse!
He claimed 2nd in a Halter Horse class & this was not a 'Senior' show!

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Remember 'Ruffian'

The greatest American Thoroughbred Filly who ever lived.  Her barn name was 'Sophie' and she proved that girls can be 'Ruffians' too.  2005 was the 30th anniversary of her death.

Born: April 17, 1972 at Claiborne Farm, Paris KY

Died: July 7, 1975 (age 3) at a veterinary hospital adjacent to Belmont Park, buried near the flagpole at Belmont.

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American Quarterhorse Champion 'Impressive' ~ Willie's sire.

Manes & Tails Organization rescues Quarterhorses, however, we will not pay one thin dime to the American Quarterhorse Association due to their pro-slaughter position.

American Quarterhorses are the most overly bred and commonly slaughtered breed of horse in the United States.

All of our American Quarterhorses have excellent bloodlines, but despite their breeding, they are lucky to be alive.

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Stateline Tack


'Seattle Slew' son saved from slaughter in 1997.

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Pastel Light!

Pastel is a 9 year old Thoroughbred mare who suffered an ankle injury at the age of 3. Her owner paid for her surgery, however, the party who was caring for her after her injury left her in her stall for two years! We were told that Pastel would only be 'pasture sound.' Not so. Ms. Pastel, who won 43K at the track, is now galloping around every day in the big field.


Sponsored by some of the Fans of Barbaro,
Members of N.E.R.C., and friends.
We thank them all for their kindness and generosity.
Willow will be ready for free lease as a Dressage horse in the spring. This lovely 12 year old Canadian bred Thoroughbred mare is a liver chestnut color, which is rare for Thoroughbreds. She is very sweet, but has some attitude!

Manes and Tails Organization

Films of All Eleven Triple Crown Winners!

Ferdinand & Exceller

The Manes & Tails Organization

The Manes & Tails Organization was incorporated in June of 2004. We rescue slaughter bound Thoroughbreds, Quarterhorses and Paints and free lease them. Among those we have rescued are a son of 'Seattle Slew', a grandson of 'Secretariat', a great granddaughter of 'Secretariat', a son of Quarterhorse champion 'Impressive', a 'Dash for Cash' daughter and granddaughter, and a 'Sahlih' son, and two great granddaugthters of 'Mr. Prospector.' We never sell our horses; this enables us to guarantee them wonderful homes for the duration of their lives. Every horse we rescue from slaughter continues to contribute to the economy. We have horses ranging in age from 7 years old to 18 years old.

Our Board Member Dr. Lester Friedlander, DVM is a former USDA Chief Inspector. Dr. Friedlander is now a vegetarian. Listen to what he has to say here.

National Mounted Police Horse Appreciation Day

The NYPD is the oldest Mounted Police Unit in the United States and they currently have over 90 horses on their force. NYPD MPU has over 55 horses in retirement.  Manes and Tails Organization has committed to adopting a retired NYPD MPU horse!

Could Officer Reilly perform his job if he had to ride a bovine, bison, porcine or fowl? Clearly not. This is what distinguishes horses from so called 'food animals.'

Manes & Tails' 'Willie' & NYPD MPU Officer John B. Reilly, Jr.

Some brief notes of interest:  the Baltimore force uses only Draft horses rescued from the Amish, the Lexington, KY force has two Percheron Appendixes who  are brothers (in addition to eight other horses on their force), and the Hoboken, NJ force has Standardbreds and one Appendix. 

View the video of the Hoboken, New Jersey Mounted Police Force here.

View the video of the Lexington, Kentucky Mounted Police Force here.

The Anhueser Busch Clydesdales Pay Tribute to New York City. This commercial aired once one year to the day of the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. Please scroll down to learn more about the Anhueser Busch Clydesdales.

Paying Respects.

All About The Anheuser Busch Clydesdales


Rescues!  Join  the National  Equine Rescue Coalition.

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!


'Okay Renee' aka 'Maddie' is a great granddaughter of 'Secretariat' and Callie's half sister. She is 11 years old and was rescued by Manes & Tails Organization in conjunction with Another Chance For Horses.

Maddie was in quarantine at Hidden Pearl Farm in Bethal, PA. Proprietor Nick Edmunds breeds, trains, sells and shows beautiful warmblood horses. Visit the site for more information about Hidden Pearl Farm.  

Tess has been free leased by Jessica Benson.


'Willie' is an 'Impressive' son. Willie - aka 'Cause I'm Impressive'.



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