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Tuesday, January 19, 2010 8:35 PM
Manes and Tails Organization

 "Cattoors Wild Horse Round Ups"
The wild horse and burroroundups (note that Cattoors does not use the term 'gather' - at leastthey tell it like it is) in the Calico HMAsof Nevada are continuing despite Judge Friedman noting that he did notfeel it was appropriate. Why the Judge did not rule against itdefinitively is absurd. Statutes are being violated and all those inpower in the government are ignoring the will of Americans, andcitizens of other countries as well.

There have been protests allacross the United States, and outside the country in London. Theseprotests are getting press and local and network news coverage, yet theWhite House offers "No comment."
This week on Howling RidgeRadio, our guest will be Laura Allen, Esq. We will be discussing thelatest BLM violations of the 'Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Protection Act of1971' and also how the letter writing campaigns by school children(mostly 13 year old girls in 'Girl Scout Troops') and the continuingVirtual Herd Adoption campaigns. It is extremely important to continuewith all of these avenues as this is an American issue that can only berectified  by Americans. We may be able to have reports from thefield, if Craig Downer or Ginger Kathrens are within cell range.
Please join us on Wednesday, January 20th at 9:30pm EDT by listening on our radio page or use the dial up number to call in: (718) 664-6596.
We will take questions duringthe last 20 minutes of the show, however, the show only runs for 90minutes. Please press '1' on your phone to 'raise' your hand so we knowyou would like to ask a question.

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