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What is next for our wild horses and burros? As of Friday, March 12th, the BLM reported that a total of 113 horses died at Fallon. That is what they tell us but we really do not have any way to confirm their numbers. Cindy MacDonald has tons of analysis on her American Herds blog. Cindy and Valerie James Patton are two of the best analysts I have ever seen. At the rate that BLM is going, there will not be enough horses and burros left for any 'Salazoo.'
Folks are continuing to adopt herds, and children are writing letters that will never be read. If you want to virtually adopt a herd please go to the forum on the Manes and Tails Organization site. It is a free forum so there are pop up ads, but not too many. Bravenet does not throw viruses. All of the information will be sent to Ginger and Makendra so they will have that as support to show at the March 25th event in D.C.
On Wednesday, March 17th, at 9pm our guests on Howling Ridge Radio will be Ginger Kathrens and Elyse Gardner. There will be a lot of callers and we will try to get everyone on. The link to our show page is here. The number to call in is (718) 664-6596. Please press '1' to let us know that you want to speak.
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