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'Mustangs' by Lawless

Since we began our radio broadcasts, we have had the pleasure of being educated by Paula Bacon (former Mayor of Kauffman, TX), Alex Brown (you all know who Alex is), Christine Berry of the Equine Protection Network, Craig Downer who is a wildlife biologist who studies the habitats of the wild horses and burros on the range, members of the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition who were instrumental for shutting down 'Natural Valley' or 'Cavel Canada,' and rescuers Christy Sheidy, Kristen Chambers, and Kathleen Hofferty.

This week it is our pleasure to be joined by both Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS MRCVS and Dr. Lisa Jacobson, DVM from Montana. Dr. Dodman is a member of 'Veterinarians for Equine Welfare.' We will be discussing the use of the penetrating captive bolt and its legality.

Alex told us the reason that the British and Irish horses suffer less breakdowns than our American horses is due to the fact that racehorses in the UK race on grass, and not dirt.

Paula Bacon went to Montana to testify at the Montana Senate hearing regarding their proposed bill to open a horse slaughter house. They did not listen to her as they want to round up any wild horses and burros in the state and slaughter them. What they don't know is that they have to BUY the horses from the BLM.
Craig Downer was extremely informative about the wild horses and burros; he explained that the wild horses and burros are good for the land. They do not trample the ground, the privately owned cattle on our public land do that. I will be recording the  mark up of HR 1018 on Wednesday morning at 10am and will post the recording to the Manes and Tails Organization web site.

Christine Berry got a law passed in both Pennsylvania and New York banning the use of double deck trailers for transporting horses.

Christy Sheidy is well known throughout the rescue world and she is always multitasking. In fact, Christy was on the phone with someone who had spotted a double deck trailer and the person was following them. The state police in both PA and NY missed them.

Kristen Chambers from Winding Road Rescue in Kansas told us how she came to rescue 'Clever Alamont' from a kill auction. That day was the luckiest day of his life and he is now living at Michael Blowen's 'Old Friends' sanctuary in Kentucky.

Kathleen Hofferty of Ipswich Equine Rescue detailed how she got into rescue (she has had her federal designation since 1994 and is a fabulous rescuer). Kathleen began the PMU foal rescues and to this day she rescues PMU foals. Kathleen is also a nurse, so she is able to give medical care such as innoculations, etc. She is also an award winning rider.

It does not cost anything to listen to the shows, and they are all archived at radio page at Manes and Tails Organization. We hope you will join us on Wednesday evening; the broadcast begins at 11pm EST.

Future guests include author R.T. Fitch, Michael Blowen, Debbie Metcalf from NetPosse, and others.

These broadcasts are highly educational and if you do not want to listen 'live' you can always go to the radio page and catch up! Some of the programs ran over two hours and we take calls; the dial in number is on the radio page too if you want to ask questions or add comments.

I am going to bring Manes and Tails.com back to life, so if you want to submit your stories please send them to me. Also the Manes and Tails Organization site has grown! We now have a forum, and also a live chat. If there is enough interest in having live chats, please let me know!

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