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Bynow, practically everyone on the planet is aware of Elle's and AmandaSorvino's investigation of Bravo Packing. Amanda did the most dangerouspart, meeting Monty J. Merola and fighting off his 'amorous' advances.It is tough to have any positive feeling for a functionally literatebeing that brutalizes horses and takes his false teeth out of his mouthat the dinner table. Amanda has tremendous strength and determination.
The investigation began on January 18, 2008. A written statement made by Elle can be read here.We recorded hours of telephone conversations over the months and Amandashot hours of video with a hidden camera. A very short version ofAmanda's video can be viewed here.There was a Standardbred that Elle wanted to buy from Monty, however,the horse dropped dead two days after she saw him. The horse in themeat locker is that Standardbred. He had ahorrible case of rain rot and instead of calling him 'Rain Rot Boy'Elle decided on 'Rob Roy.' Amanda actually rescued ten horses fromMerola and he commented that "those horses are the only horses ever toleave my lot alive."
There is much more to be said and we want to make it clear that we are notopposed to the Humane Society of the United States; simply theirattorney who works in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Sherri Ramseythreatened to 'redline' our rescues if we did not give the Salem CountyProsecutor more evidence. Merola could have been arrested andincarcerated with the short videoAmanda made. Beyond getting Merolaincarcerated for a while, the New Jersey 'Cruelty to Livestock' statutecarries a fine of $250.00. That fine will be paid and Merola's fatherwill carry on slaughtering the horses and ponies. A Municipal Court inNew Jersey is not the proper venue for this case, and we are extremelyangry that this useless case even exists. We have an attorney inCalifornia and she is able to litigate in Circuit Court, and there areother defendants in addition to Monty J. Merola.
Ofcourse, Governor Corzine has been contacted for an Executive Order.People who claim to know him never seem to respond to requests for helpin getting the Governor's attention. An Executive Order is the onlymechanism that will abolish horse slaughter in New Jersey. If he iseven aware of the request, he will definitely issue the order as hesupported all horse legislation when he was the Jr. Senator from NewJersey.
Whyare we speaking up now? We spent the time, we paid for most of theinvestigation ( Paul Sorvino spent thousands of dollars rehabbing thehorses) and we both took the risk. Amanda's cover was blown by RobertMazella of Rescue Ink. Elle's cover was blown much later, however, itwas blown most likely by another member of Rescue Ink. This group addedabsolutely nothing of value beyond giving Elle a ride to Bravo Packingon September 4, 2008. This saga is going to be covered in the local NJpapers first, and we will see who picks it up from there.
To change the subject, this week on Howling Ridge Radio we have author R.T. Fitchwho has penned several books. His latest 'Straight from the Horse'sHeart - A Spiritual Ride through Love, Loss and Hope' is a wonderfulread and a truly 'must have' for any horse lover. 
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