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Manes and Tails Organization Focuses on Commercial Animal Abuse 

The following videos depict the lives of animals in Factory Farms in the United States.  The files are large, so DSL or Cable connections are recommended.  They are very graphic, and if you choose not to bear witness to this suffering, you can generally object by visiting the following web sites to learn whom to write and call regarding these matters.  Information about the 'Humane Slaughter Act' - passed in 1958 but never enforced - is found at the end of this page. Manes and Tails Organization is working to get the 'Humane Slaughter Act' implemented and the Downed Animals Act re-introduced and passed. 

As evidenced by these videos produced by PETA and Compassion Over Killing, the 'Humane Slaughter Act' is currently a fantasy. Please click on the links below to find out how you can help make the lives of these animals better.  These files can be played in Quicktime/iTunes. Remember to right click to download the files to your hard drive. To access all videos, click here

Compassion Over Killing


Humane Society of the United States

Go Veg

Documentation of dogs and cats being skinned alive in China can be found here because there are extremely graphic photos and these cannot be displayed on this page which has beautiful artistic images of animals.

Learn how Foie Gras is produced.  Produced by PETA and narrated by Sir John Gielgood.

Foie Gras production in the United States. Narrated by Roger Moore.

Geese are plucked their down.

Learn about Poultry Factory Farming. Produced by PETA.   

What some people regard as 'family fun.'

COK rescued these chickens.

Learn about Battery Hens and Egg Factory Farming. Produced by Compassion Over Killing.  

Egg Laying Hens. Produced by COK

45 Days in the life of a broiler chicken. Produced by COK.

A short film entitled Free Me.

Learn about Kosher Factory Farming.  Produced by PETA.  

See how Dairy Cows and Veal are treated.

'Meet Your Meat' Narrated by Alec Baldwin. Produced by PETA.  

Learn about Pig Factory FarmingProduced by PETA.  Narrated by James Cromwell.  

In this video, pigs have their food dumped on their heads when being fed.

Learn about Lamb Wool FarmingProduced by PETA.  

Learn about Fur FarmingProduced by PETA and narrated by Stella McCartney.  

Learn about Fur TrappingProduced by PETA. 

Beavers are drowned in underwater traps.  Produced by PETA.

Baby seal hunt.  Produced by PETA.

Learn how Sparrows are treated when regarded as 'pests'. Produced by PETA.  

Learn how Circus Elephants are treated by Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey.  In this clip, Benjamin, a four year old Elephant drowns as his handlers watch and laugh.  Until they realize he is dead. Produced by PETA.

See how Hawthorne Elephant 'Tyke' was killed when she tried to leave the arena.  Tyke was four years old and it took 87 gunshots to bring her down. Produced by PETA.

Learn how Iams treats their lab animals.  Produced by PETA.  

A common form of unwanted pet euthanization in the US.  Produced by PETA. 

Learn about dogs used as food in Asia.  

View a short film about
Horse Slaughter

View a short video which proves the use of the captive bolt gun on horses and other equids is a violation of the HSA of 1958. The horse in this video taken at a Texas slaughter plant shows the horse concscious when he comes out of the 'knock box' - so he is stabbed in the heart.

Horses are bled to death for their blood serum in Turkey.

View the film that Shark has on its website as one film
HFA Undercover Video of Horse Slaughter Plant 

SHARK'S coverage of horses subjected to rodeo abuse.

Humane Slaughter Act of 1958.



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