John with his nursemare fillies 'Sugar' and 'Spice'!

John Holland ~ Author, Analyst, Equid Advocate

John Holland resides in Virginia. He has a sanctuary for horses, a donkey and some wolves. John has been in the trenches regarding the effort to end the slaughter of Equidae and has proven published reports of abandoned horses false.

In this series of articles, John goes into detail regarding the false reports and claims regarding that more horses are abused due to the closure of the remaining three foreign slaughter plants:

Deleting the Fiction

Emerging Data

John Holland Proxy

New Zealand Horsetalk - Feature

New Zealand Horsetalk News

John Holland in Pareli Magazine

Equine Slaughter and Abuse

John Holland as a guest 'Five State Live' hosted by pro-slaughter advocate Chase Adams in South Dakota

Videos of and by John Holland

John Holland Speaking in Washington, DC

John Holland Speaking at the Wild Horse and Burro deliveries in Virginia

Appalachian Christmas Tail

A Christmas Legend

It's A Wonderful Life


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