'BadAss' the Mule
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Mules Rule!!!


The story goes that Bad Ass was owned by a huntingguide.  As the hunting party went out, they were unexpectedlyconfronted by a mountain lion.  The horses threw their riders,and the dogs scattered. Bad Ass threw the guide and then got down tobusiness!  

Bad Ass picked up the mountain lion and began toshake him.  He threw the cat to the ground and stomped him todeath.  When his job was done, Bad Ass began tobray!   One of the hunters who had earlier commentedon how ugly Bad Ass was said "he may be ugly, but that is one bad ass!"

Gerry Lukavic has written a song aboutBad Ass!

Mules are commonly regarded as 'stubborn,' however,they are extremely intelligent and will not put themselves atrisk.  They are extremely protective of their people asevidenced by Bad Ass' behavior that day.  If Bad Ass was notconfident that he could dispatch the cat, he would not have attemptedto do so.

Mules are hybrids and they cannotreproduce.  A mule is the product of a Jack donkey and a horsemare.  Hinnies are the product of a horse stallion and aJennet.  

Mules can be absolutely beautiful - crosses withAndalusians are particularly compelling. Mules are no longer bredspecifically to be pack animals; there are gaited mules and spottedmules. 

Mules are bred in various sizes including Standardand Mammoth.  Mammoth mules have an American Jackstock as thesire, and there is an endangered breed of donkey known as 'Le Baudet duPoitou' which used to be crossed with the French 'Mulassier'. However, as there are less than 80 Poitou donkeys in existence, thereare no Mammoth mules from the Poitou donkey.

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