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George Knapp is an investigative journalist for the I-Team television news in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Knapp has been investigating the Nevada BLM since 2007. He just aired his latest report and the 'Las Vegas Now' web site has the entire 6 segments available.
With contributions from our friends Wildlife Ecologist Craig Downer, who an expert on wildlife and its habitats, and Cindy Macdonald who is a tremendous researcher and  analyst, George delivered this extraordinary report that illustrates how corrupt the Nevada BLM actually is. You can view the preview for the television broadcast here. It is best to 'right click' on all links and download them to your hardrive. Here is the first segment and it is entitled 'The Horse You Rode in On' Past Howling Ridge Radio guest Deanne Stillman is interviewed by Knapp in this segment. The waste of money is staggering, and the investigation provides irrefutable evidence that the wild horses and burros do not have to be removed from anywhere. We will be discussing Secretary Salazar's new 'management' plan for the wild horses and burros. He obviously considers these animals 'range maggots' and is pandering to the cattle ranchers. Secretary Salazar is from an agriculture family and of course they raised cattle!
In the event you missed last week's program (we had the usual technical snafus) the link to the program with Jim and Jamie Dutcher is here. Again, it is best to 'right click' on the link and download it.
The show starts at 9:30pm Eastern and runs for two hours. You can reach the show page here. If you would like to call in the call in number is: 718-664-6596. You need not call in to listen to the program as you may listen at the show page. If you do want to call in press 1 and that will let us know that you would like to speak. We hope you will join us as it will be a very informative program.
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