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Pastel Light

Manes and Tails Organization Newsletter Spring 2008

Welcome 'Pastel Light'

Pastel Light is a 5 year old Thoroughbred mare. She won 43K at the track and suffered a broken ankle. Her owner paid for the surgery against the advice of the trainer who said Pastel should be euthanized.

We were told by the person responsible for 'rehabilitating' her that she had been in her stall for two years and would never be more than 'pasture sound.' Pastel had not been in a pasture for two years! Upon arriving at one of our satellite farms in NJ, Pastel trotted the first few days. Then she cantered. Finally after about a week, she was galloping! So much for Ms. Pastel being only pasture sound!

Clearly, this is a recent photograph of Pastel and she needs some groceries! She is a small Thoroughbred, only 15.1hh! The person we are boarding her with is wonderful with helping underweight horses get back to their proper weight.

Pastel will be a Dressage horse, as most of our Thoroughbreds have been trained to be. It engages their mind and keeps their bodies fit, and they like it! So, we welcome Pastel!

Survey for Those Whom Attended 'Hill Day'

For those of you who attended 'Hill Day' we are compiling 'Congressional Rudeness Index.' We would appreciate you letting us know how the Congress members and their aides treated you, and responded to what you had to say. You need not enter your personal information.


Technology has done us more harm than good. There are so many online groups urging people to fax members of Congress on specific days and this has a negative impact. These groups have all been infiltrated by the Pro Slaughter side and when we fax, they fax. When we call, they call. When we email, they email. Some members have email filtering applications that send email directly to 'trash' if you are not their constituent.

In short, letters sent via the US mail carry much more weight than faxes that can be destroyed, or never arrive, and email that can automatically be purged. US Mail has to be opened and logged and the Senator or Representative gets a report on the number of letters they have received regarding the legislation.

Congress is moving so slowly on this legislation, it does not matter that it takes up to three weeks for your letter and materials to get there! It will get there and have a far greater impact on the members than faxing and emailing. Phone calls are excellent and they should be followed up with a letter. Please be an activist and NOT a 'slacktivist!' Get your letter composed and your materials in order and mail it to the committee members in both the House and the Senate. Any American may contact a committee member whether or not you are their constituent. Here is the link to the Senators who have not co-sponsored S. 311. Here is the link the the Representatives who have not co-sponsored HR 503. Please concentrate on these Senators and Representatives and be sure to mention that horse slaughter is illegal by virtue of the Humane Slaughter Act of 1958.

The French DO Breed Horses for Human Consumption!

Gordon was bred on a farm in France specifically for human consumption. A chef from Britain took a trip to France and visited the breeding farm and she selected a horse. After petting them all, she selected one and named him 'Gordon.' This is a truly eye opening video and it makes one wonder if the French are breeding horses specifically for slaughter, then why do they want ours? The video is an .mpg and can be viewed in all media players.

Fundraising Opportunities

First, there is a program called 'Phoneraiser.' You collect retired cell phones and printer cartridges and Federal Express your collected stuff to them. They pay for the shipping and send you a check in ten days based upon the value they assign to what you have collected. It is pretty easy and it is an ongoing way to raise funds.

The next program involves a new social networking site. Much like YouTube and MySpace with a twist. Please email Elle for details.

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Happy Spring ~ Thank Goodness it has finally arrived!


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