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                Bullwinkle when he was rescued...                                 Bullwinkle rehabilitated
Bullwinkle was a 'Seattle Slew' son. He weighed only 700 pounds on the day he was rescued. You will note that Bullwinkle's tail appears to be 'cropped,' however he chewed his own tail until the day he died. We all thought that the Arabian horse was chewing on Bullie's tail until a walk through the barn on a summer afternoon revealed Bullie chewing on his tail, much like a child sucks his thumb. 
Bullwinkle's Latin name (his silly name that was on his name plate was 'Equus Cowardus Lionnus' because he was afraid of everything) but he had been horribly abused. In 1998, the three horses that were in the rescue wanted to give their vet a Christmas present. You can read their debate 'How the Horses Decided the Doctor Should Get his Blundstones.'
Bullie was rescued on Valentine's Day in 1998 ~ that was his Valentine that year. He was bought for one dollar ~ the so called 'legal peppercorn.' He was a lovely horse and he had a very tragic end. Bullwinkle and Sahlih were free leased together as they would not tolerate being separated. On August 17th, 2000 Bullie and Sahlih were grazing on the lawn, were spooked by deer, ran down a mile long drive that ended at an 'S' curve where they were subsequently hit by a car and a truck and both did not survive.
Sahlih was very clever and he knew that the hot wire on top of the post and rail fence was not 'live' because he could hear that. He dismantled the fence, they hopped over it and were grazing on the only grass left in August which was on the lawn of the property. It was definitely a case of negligence, however, suing would not bring them back to me. A crane was required to get them off the road and they are buried in the same grave with their noses touching.
I tell this story because I will never forget my first and third rescues and as painful as it was to lose them, I keep rescuing and fighting to end the slaughter of our horses and their cousins. Every horse Manes and Tails Organization rescued was slaughter-bound with the exception of 'Callie' the jet black Thoroughbred. He was considered 'dangerous' and a 'rouge' but he wasn't. He had a very difficult life and he 'picked' his people.
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