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Lynn Henderson
Manes & Tails' VP Lynn Henderson & her horse 'Cedar.'

Lynn Henderson has been working with horses for over 35 years. She is well known for her extraordinary ability to rehabilitate horses, and ponies, donkeys and mules using Alternative Modalities. She has also shared her abilities with other animals including dogs, cats, and baby squirrels! Lynn is a proponent of 'natural horse keeping' and 'natural horsemanship.'
Lynn is certified in 'Cranial Sacral' which is an alternative modality. Lynn can spend five minutes with a horse and tell you a lot about it. Lynn will share with us the other alternative modalities she uses including essential oils.
Poor saddle fit can harm a horse so she uses the 'Balance' saddle which is a treeless saddle made in Britain. The Balance saddle has an adjustable padding system that literally changes the horse's conformation over time. The NYPD Mounted Unit ditched their cavalry saddles for a treeless saddle that was modified to look like a cavalry saddle. When told that the saddle has to fit the horse and not the Mounted Patrol Officer's rear end, the NYPD MPU horses were happier pretty immediately!
Another part of 'natural horse keeping' is barefoot trimming. Horses that do not pound the city streets or compete in steeplechases do not require a round of shoes. Tom Bastarz is an 'Equine Podiatrist' and he earned his certification from K.C. LaPierre. The horse's hoof is integral to all body systems.
Both Lynn and Tom are our guests on Howling Ridge Radio this week. Our shows air on Wednesday at 9:30pm Eastern Daylight time. Please join us by listening at this link or participate by using the call in telephone number: (718) 664-6596. Please press '1' if you would like to speak.
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