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'Traditional Type' Nokota Horse

The Nokota horse is native to North Dakota. The breed has two types - 'Traditional' and 'Ranch.' Frank Kuntz, his wife Shelly and his brother have been trying to conserve this breed via their Nokota Horse Conservancy. Of course, the National Parks Service has zeroed out the original Nokotas so there are now no true Nokota horses in the park.
Castle McLaughlin is a former Park Ranger in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Castle now lives in Boston and among other things, she is the curator for the Nokota Horse exhibit at the Peabody Museum. She will provide interesting insight into why the Parks Service does what it does. We hope she is able to join us as she is traveling.
The show starts at 9:30pm Eastern andruns for two hours. If you would like to call in the callin number is: 718-664-6596. You need not call in to listen to the program as you may listen at the showpage. If you do want to call in press 1 and that will let us know that you would like to speak. We hope youwill join us as it will be a very informative program.

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