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Wild Horses of the 'Calico' Herd in Nevada
As practically all of us already know, the 'Wild Horse Annie Act of 1971' was passed largely due to a letter writing campaign by school children. These were handwritten letters to representatives and senators, and sometimes letters to President Richard Nixon. In an era where email and petitions are so easy to fall back on, activism can easily be renamed 'slacktivism.' It is easier to fill out a form and press 'send' and feel confident that you have made a difference. This is not always the case.
Parents and teachers should encourage their young children to write to President Obama's daughters Sasha and Malia. Children should write their letters in their own words and handwriting. Even if the First Lady never allows her daughters to see these letters, it will draw attention to the plight of the wild horses and burros. Eventually, President Obama will hear about it and hopefully enforce the moratorium and direct Secretary Salazar to completely reorganize the management of the BLM, Forest Service, Parks Service and the Fish and Wildlife Service so that these agencies are no longer perpetrators of a genocide, which is exactly what they have been for years. Besides the wild horses and burros, there are the wolves, the polar bears and other species some of which have actually been removed from the Endangered Species List. This has been done by Secretary Salazar whom has given our public lands to the welfare ranchers such as Monsanto on a silverplatter.
Famed Wildlife Ecologist Craig Downer has provided the names of the wild horse herds. We are encouraging individuals, towns, and cities to adopt a herd. Of course, since American tax payers are already paying for the horses and burros stolen from the range, and those few still on the range, we need not worry about having to pledge any funds to claim them as ours. They are already our horses and burros and we must drive that point home.
Here are the names and locations of the herds:
NW Nevada there is:
the Calico Mountain herd
the Warm Springs herd
the Black Rock West and the Black Rock East herds
the Soldier Meadows herd
the High Rock herd
the Granite Mountain herd just north of Gerlach
In Central Nevada there is:

the Monte Cristo herd
the Revelle herd
the Nellis herd
the Montgomery Pass herd
In Southern Nevada there is:
the Red Rock herd
the Wheeler Pass herd
the Spring Mountain herd
In Western Nevada there is:
the Pine Nut herd
the Clan Alpine herd
the Wassuk herd
In Utah there is the Sulphur herd.
In Colorado there is Little Bookcliffs herd.
In Wyoming there is Adobe Town herd. 
In Oregon there is the Kiger herd in Steen Mountains.
In Montana there is the Pryor Mountain Herd.
There are more than enough herds to be metaphorically adopted. Once your town or city adopts a herd, make the local media aware of it. Someone in your town or city should be the sponsor for this endeavor. Meet with the local Chamber of Commerce or the Mayor's office to 'officially' adopt your herd.
This evening on Howling Ridge Radio, we will be discussing this topic. Our guests will be Craig Downer, Ginger Kathrens and Laura Leigh. The link to the show page is here. We hope you can log on and listen. If you want to call in you can do so by dialing (718) 664-6596 and press '1' so we know you want to speak!
Get ready to have the children write and your town or city adopt a herd!
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