Monty J. Merola with one of the big cats he fed with his starved horses.

Monty J. Merola was investigated for over a year by Ellen-Cathryn Nash and Amanda Sorvino. There is not much good that can be said about him. He was an addict, served ten years in Rahway State Prison in New Jersey for a particularly brutal rape, and he was cruel not only to equids, but to his dogs as well. One dog lives in an enormous corn crib that is overgrown with grasses, trees and weeds. The dog has no other shelter and he was very submissive to Monty. That says a lot about Monty as this particular dog is a Presa de Canario. Monty also had a wolf which he kept chained to a tree. As this undercover recording recorded by Elle illustrates, Monty was functionally literate.   Here is Monty's Obituary, he died on October 16. 2009. Monty died from lymphoma by eating his own horsemeat which he did every day of his life when he started slaughtering horses in 1995. There is a lot more that neither Amanda nor Elle have disclosed until now.

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One of the best shows we had was with Ellen Parker of Pedlines. In that show Ellen explained why we will never see another Triple Crown Champion in our lifetime. That show can be found here and it is very enlightening.
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