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Manes and Tails Organization Newsletter ~ Winter 2007

When Congress Forgets

There is a statute known as the 'Humane Slaughter Act of 1958'. This statute was signed into law by President Eisenhower during the time the 'Sputnik' went into space. This simple, concise statute has been completely ignored by the USDA; this agency has never enforced it for horses. By virtue of the HSA of 1958, horse slaughter is, and has been, illegal since 1958. Congress forgot about that.

The statute stipulates that only one blow to the head of any animal being slaughtered is allowable to achieve insensibility. This does not happen with horses. They cannot be restrained due to the length of their necks, and additionally the captive bolt was designed for bovines, not equines. Horses' brains are too far back in the skull to make the use of the bolt efficient. Horses regain consciousness thirty seconds after being struck, if they are struck at all. Horses are fully aware they are being vivisected.

Rather than enforcing the existing statute, Congress has been unsuccessfully attempting to pass an amendment to the 'Horse Protection Act of 1971.' The 'American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act' (introduced in the 107th Congress) is actually the HSA of 1958 as applied to horses with a 'no export' clause. Congress should enforce the HSA of 1958 and amend the 'Horse Protection Act of 1971' to include the prohibition of exports of American horses to other countries for slaughter.

The HSA of 1958 prohibits the slaughter of horses for any purpose. Carnivore food, hair extensions for humans and show horses, and any other products that can be extracted from a dead equine are prohibited by the statute. There are operating equid slaughterhouses in NJ (Bravo Packing) as well at least two other states. The American public is unaware of these plants as they do not slaughter for human consumption. These plants are operating in violation of a federal statute and this statute must be enforced and these plants closed.

Cavel Attempting Writ from US Supreme Court

After being closed by the United States 7th Circuit Court in July of 2007, Cavel International has decided to appeal the Circuit Court's decision by petitioning for a writ of certiorori from the Supreme Court of the United States. Cavel is no longer operating in the United States; they are operating out of Saskatchewan in Canada at a facility called Natural Valley.

As the Supreme Court did not grant a writ of certiorori to Beltex and Dallas Crown, it is doubtful that Cavel will be successful.

Just as the appeal is mentioned, the AVMA is busy attempting to procure data regarding abandoned horses. This pro slaughter entity will fabricate numbers, however, their information can and will be checked. The AVMA is one of the most medieval associations in the United States, if not the world. The AVMA supports disposal of cock chickens hatched at egg farms by putting them into wood chippers. Male chickens clearly cannot lay eggs, so it is just fine to grind them to death, as it is to hang pigs from chains wrapped around their necks as they are suspended from a forklift as they die a slow painful death. The video attached here depicts this barbarism. Source: Humane Farming Association.

This is extremely graphic, but not acording to the AVMA.

Listen to what former Chief USDA Inspector Dr. Lester Friedlander, DVM has to say about the slaughter process in this country and why he is NOT a member of the AVMA.

The AVMA clearly does not take their oath seriously and they 'talk out of both sides of their mouths.' See their brochure regarding equine euthanasia and the shocking disconnect between what they say on their animal friendly web site and their position regarding HR 503 and S. 311. The AVMA, and its subsidiary, the AAEP need oversite as they are extremely abusive to all species of animals. Why should we trust them wth anything to do with our horses and other animal welfare? Clearly, we should not. With regards to horses and other equids, the Veterinarians for Equine Welfare is far more appropriate to advise our Representatives and Senators regarding the legislation in both chambers.

Happy Holidays to all!
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