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N.J.S.A. 52:2-4 Unintentionally Violated by Manes and Tails Organization Newsletter
When creating a newsletter regarding Bravo Packing the image of the State Seal of New Jersey was included at the top of the page. The following letter was received and this newsletter must be sent to all recipients of that newsletter. First, the New Jersey State Seal was found on Google Images, it was not stolen from a New Jersey web site. Ergo, if Judith I. Gleason, Esq. and Legal Specialist at the New Jersey Department of Agriculture wants to be sure that no person, or persons, can use the image of the New Jersey State Seal then she should be demanding that Google removes the images from their database, rather than threatening a citizen of the State of New Jersey with a referral to the Division of Criminal Justice for 'appropriate action.'

Manes and Tails Organization 
Nowhere in this letter does Ms. Gleason address the purpose of the newsletter which was to prove that the New Jersey Department of Agriculture has failed to make Governor Corzine aware of the request for an Executive Order banning the slaughter of all members of the genus Equidae for any purpose in the State of New Jersey. In short, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture is withholding evidence from Governor Corzine which would make it possible for him to decide if he wants to issue such an order.
The letter included above is addressed to me, it is my property, and my right to disseminate it in any manner I see fit. I am unable to recall any newsletters that have been delivered. One would think that the New Jersey Department of Agriculture Legal Specialist would have better things to do with her time than threaten a citizen of the State of New Jersey who is simply standing up for an issue that is most illegal and must be dealt with at the top of the New Jersey Government. Ms. Gleason, will you ensure that the evidence provided for Governor Corzine actually reaches him? The Governor has the right to know when citizens request Executive Orders and  the ball is in your court. The first request was sent on October 2, 2008. Here is the latest request. One need not 'divine' that eight months is more than enough time to walk to the Governor's office in Trenton or send it to Drumthwacket! I have honored your most spurious demand/threat. Now it is time for you to provide Governor Corzine with the information he has been sent for his consideration.

Ellen-Cathryn Nash
Legal Philosopher
Manes and Tails Organization

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