'Bullwinkle' ~ a 'Seattle Slew' son.
Manes & Tails Organization Newsletter ~ March 2009
Greetings All,
We hope all are well and awaiting the Spring which cannot come soon enough! We have several announcements to make, as well as updates on the legislation in Congress.
  • Howling Ridge Radio airs on Wednesday, March 11th at 5:30pm EST
  • We have two new Board members
  • Thank You to our Donors
  • Update on Willow & Maddie

Howling Ridge Radio is so named after John Holland's sanctuary in West Virginia. Along with John, Vicki Tobin and Amanda Sorvino will be hosting the program along with Elle. Click on the link and it goes directly to the radio page where you can listen. If you would like to call in, the call in number is on the page.
This week's topic is the Federal legislation in the House of Representatives, and some of the state actions. Vicki can fill us in on Illinois and Jim Sacia's nonsense. It should be an informative and lively show, so please tune in if you can. The shows will be archived in the event you miss one. The time slot is the same for every Wednesday in the month of March. We are hoping to get a little later time for April, as we are aware that it is a difficult time slot for those in the mid-west and west.
Manes & Tails Organization is very pleased to have Vicki Tobin and Amanda Sorvino as our newest Board members. Vicki is a 'slaughter stalker' and has had some of her articles published.  Vicki is a 'conversation stopper' as she delivers arguments that are irrefutable. She has a page of her own on the web site, as does John Holland. Amanda is a relentless animal advocate and absolutely fearless. She is an incredible asset not only to the horses she has rescued and adopted into good homes, but also for dogs as well. Lynn, Lester, Don and I, are very fortunate to have these to women among our ranks.
We would like to thank our donors (you know who you are) for their continued support. Even in the current economic conditions there are two of you whom continue to send the monthly donation. At this point, we do not expect to receive these donations as the funds are tight for everyone. This makes it all the more meaningful and we are grateful.
Willow is doing extremely well; she just needs a 'refresher' in her ground manners. She is a tall gal, and she knows the power she has due to her size. She is a horse that is not for the faint of heart and when she is free leased, she is going to stay on the farm where she is with our other rescues and Elle's Quarterhorse 'Willie.' We will find an experienced Dressage rider to free lease her and she will do extremely well. She has an excellent work ethic and she is already Level I in Dressage.
Maddie is coming along; she gains about 100lbs per year which is not uncommon for off track Thoroughbreds. She is very bonded to Willie and he is extremely protective of her. He is the only gelding on the farm, but he has little interest in the three other mares. Maddie is his girl!
The web site is ever growing. There is a link to the members of the 111th Congress, as well is individual pages that track the cosponsors for HR 503, HR 305 and HR 1018. We also have the Freedom of Information Act documentation Julie Caramante waited three years to have fulfilled. There is a page about the wild horses and burros and all of that comes from Cindy MacDonald of American Herds. The subcommittee hearing on HR 1018 is there - all two hours of it - so have a listen. The BLM turned down Madeleine Pickens' offer to buy land and all 33,000 wild horses and burros that are in holding facilities.
Until next month, we wish everyone the best of everything!
Be well,

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