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Become Certified as a Trainer, Breeding Program Manager, or AI through the University of Vermont's Morgan Horse Farm Apprentice Program

That the Morgan horse is the first truly American breed may be matter of opinion or debate.  There is also a distinction between 'Lippitt' Morgans and 'Government' Morgans.  The University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm offers a one year tuition free Apprenticeship Program.  The UVM "government" line of Morgan Horse is considered one of the best in the world.  Mr. Davis, the Director of the program states that there are no age restrictions (except being 'of age') and he is very friendly and informative.  They have many applicants for a small amount of spots - approximately six, so apply early for your personal interview as this program is highly competitive.  They do not save all spots in the program for Vermont residents.

The program offers a unique and intensive experience for interested and motivated individuals. Apprentices spend one year living, working and learning at this historic site, and become involved in a wide variety of overall farm operations. The participants are urged to identify areas of personal interest for specific development. Under staff supervision, each apprentice is involved in the training of young Morgans in driving and riding. Using the appropriate riding seat, each horse is developed toward its individual potential. Apprentices are involved in foaling, the breeding of mares and the collection of stallions.

Other Apprentice functions are to assist Farm staff in the preparation of Morgan Horses for marketing efforts such as videos and
photo sessions, and to help in educating the 50,000 annual visitors about the history of the Farm and the versatility of the breed. Seminars and demonstrations occur for the public throughout the year.

During their term, Apprentices participate in visits to area Morgan trainers, the Miner Institute, American Morgan Horse Association and Institute, and other equine facilities of interest. Educational and Instructional videos are reviewed and discussed. Housing is provided on the Farm, in a group living environment, with communal kitchen facilities. All meals, telephone and personal expenses are the responsibility of the Apprentice. Since Apprentices are representatives of the Farm, they are expected to adhere to the Farm dress standards.

Upon completion of the program, the Apprentices are presented with a certificate from the University of Vermont. The Morgan
Horse Farm staff aids those who complete the program in placement and job referrals. Many prominent individuals in today's equine industry have served as UVM Apprentices, including the Farm's current Director. They represent a select group of individuals who sustain the legacy of this historic Farm and the Morgan breed.

A personal interview is required prior to acceptance to the program. If you are interested in applying or wish to learn more about the program, please contact:

Mr. Stephen P. Davis, Director
UVM Morgan Horse Farm
74 Battell Drive
Weybridge, Vermont 05753
Phone: 802-388-2011 Fax: 802-388-0844

Web site:  University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm Apprentice Program
Source:  University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm

Links:  American Morgan Horse Association

     Information researched and compiled by Ellen-Cathryn Nash.